Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my garden

Our ginormous zuchini

Our garden. We have tomatoes, zuchini, and chilis.

Little tomatoes growing...

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Michele said...

Hi Evelyn, thanks for stopping by my blog! I do mostly digital, but some (very little right now) paper scrapping. I learned digi about a year ago and converted almost exclusively to digi. I have too many pics already printed and too much paper and embellies to give up traditional entirely. lol

Love your garden! I so do not have a green thumb so I decided to TRY my hand at bell peppers. So far fairly good. I have one pepper growing (about 1 1/2 long right now) and 1 that the flower just bloomed and about 10 buds. So hopefully it will produce plenty! lol

Take care and stop by any time you would like!!

Michele :-)